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The best way to fill your cup first
is with a BODi membership!

What if you started every day with non-negotiable habits that filled your cup and took care of your wellbeing FIRST?

What if you could make your dreams a reality – not just a hope and a prayer?

What if you could align yourself with like-minded humans who are ready to welcome, lead, inspire, and hold you accountable to your goals?

Psst –> You CAN have all that (and more!)

Joining my virtual gym is the first step to improving your health esteem!
  1. Fitness & Movement: Have unlimited access to our digital platform that is packed with everything you need for your fitness routine. You have complete access to world renowned fitness programs AND live classes. All types of training is available to meet you where you are in every season of life so you never have to let excuses win again.
  2.  Nutrition: Get access to 2 complete nutrition programs designed by world-class registered dietitians and nutritionists. Thousands of recipes are available to make meal planning simple, delicious, and easy! And yes, desserts (and wine!) are allowed. It’s about a healthy relationship with food, not restriction or starvation, and you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.
    • First Month of Supplements: Supplements help us fill the most urgent gaps in our nutrition. Sometimes we need a little extra support depending on where we are.
      • Superfoods
      • Pre + probiotics for gut health
      • Natural energy without the crash
      • Electrolytes
      • Protein + BCAAs for muscle recovery
      • Healthy skin + hair glow
      • Nootropics for brain health
      • Sleep aid for stress management + better sleep
    • All things most of us are needing to feel our best in life! These are the best of the best supplements on the market. You could journey without them, sure….but these supplements fuel your body at a cellular level and enhance your health from the inside out. They are such a crucial part of our health equation!
  3. Mindset & Personal Growth: One of the most important aspects of our overall health & wellness! You’ll get access to the world’s #1 top resources to support you through letting go of old habits, limiting beliefs and disempowering stories that are keeping you stuck.
    🔶 Just want mindset support? Go all in on personal development with GrowthDay HERE 🔶
  4. Coaching & Community: You are not alone! By saying yes to making yourself a priority, you get access to our virtual community of incredible women in all seasons of life who are showing up and working on their goals together! Everyone is welcome! Plus, of course, you get me as your personal coach to guide and support you along the way! You don’t have to do this by yourself.
  5. Impact & Income: The 5th piece of this holistic opportunity is impact & income. You have the opportunity at any point to pay health & happiness forward just like I do and earn an income WHILE you’re on your own journey. Learn more here. The possibilities are endless – just get a discount for your own products, make enough to pay for your own product, or earn enough to make your dreams a reality! Whether you want to join strictly for your personal health & wellness OR if you want to add the option to grow an income and help others, I’m so excited to work with you!!

We have all heard it before: You can’t pour from an empty cup.

It’s YOUR time to make you a priority – Fill YOUR cup first so that you can continue sharing your magic with the world!

Become a Preferred Customer
  • Anytime, anywhere unlimited digital access to thousands of workouts, meditations, 2 full nutrition plans, guided stretching & recovery sessions, and a healthy cooking show!
  • Options for every fitness level
  • Nutrition plans and products to love what you’re eating AND fuel your body with clean energy
  • Mental motivation and masterclasses to stay well-rounded and focused on your individual priorities
  • The best deals on fitness equipment, accessories, and products to make healthy living convenient in your own home
Be a BODi Partner
  • Everything included in BODi Preferred Customer…
  • PLUS discounts on the products you love
  • PLUS two ways to make money:
    • As a BODi brand affiliate partner or
    • As a BODi brand business partner
  • PLUS receive mentorship from me (I am partnered with the top 0.001% in the company for exclusive training & mentorship for maximum success!)

Why is Lauren the BODi mentor for you?

If you’re ready to…
  • Improve your life,
  • Support and inspire your family,
  • Learn from and with the best in the business, and
  • Get sustainably healthy and holistically confident while creating impact and making income,

… then I’m here to help you.

As a paramedic, horse girl, online business owner, and Farm-Girl-Fit Wonder Woman, I don’t settle for anything less than the best for myself and the people I care about.

You shouldn’t either.

Want to get back to you?

Want to prioritize your needs again but don’t know where to start and can’t imagine having enough time for anything else in your life, let’s talk. I’ve got you!