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Do you love bookkeeping?

Wish you had someone you could call?

Better yet, wish someone could just do it for you?

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As a seasoned expert in financial management, planning, and growth, Lauren is here to help.

“My life is so much simpler now that Lauren is doing my bookkeeping. I actually have time to spend with my kids and I know that I’ll get correct financial reports on time throughout the year.” – Client since 2017

“Over a year ago, Lauren helped me brainstorm how to expand my business. Now I’m finally ready to get started, she was able to work with my crazy schedule and budget.” – Client 2019-2023

“Thank you for your recent help! I gave your contact to a friend who needs you!” – Client 2022-Present

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Bookkeeping is a necessity for every business that wishes to be successful but it is often not the passion of the business owner. This is where Lauren comes in – she manages your books so that you can work your magic doing what you love! She is in the business of supporting your business and fully believes that if she does her gift well, it enables you to excel even more with your gift!

Schedule some time and let’s talk about your bookkeeping needs.

Don’t know where to start or why you need a bookkeeper in the first place? Lauren specializes in small business finances, optimizing the process of tracking expenses and revenue so that you know exactly where your business is from a financial perspective. When you file taxes, you need to know this information. When you approach the bank about a loan so you can scale and grow, you need to know this information. When you simply want to make informed decisions about your services, your products, and your business, you need to know this information. Lauren sends out monthly financial reports so that you know where you stand at any given moment.

If you need more than simple bookkeeping, Lauren can customize a package that fits your exact needs.

  • Expert financial guidance
  • Strategic planning and forecasting
  • Cost optimization and profitability
  • Risk management
  • and more!

Together, we are unstoppable. Lauren will learn the specific ins and outs of your business so that you can have full confidence to build and grow your business for the future. Schedule a free consult today to talk through what you need!