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It’s ironic that my last blog was about consistency because I haven’t written anything in a long time. Things changed, and really, that’s the only constant in life, isn’t it? Change.

What if that isn’t a bad thing?

My music is on a shuffled playlist right now and the song that is currently playing is talking about making a moment last forever (“How Does A Moment Last Forever” from Beauty & The Beast). Maybe we have to go through some bad times for our lives to be complete. Maybe we need to have those low moments to decide change is necessary. Maybe we need to have that craving for something more before we say enough is enough.

For years, I resisted change and fought it with everything in my being. And then, one day, I asked myself why I was fighting so hard when the new thing, the improvement, the change, was in fact better! Sometimes I just need some tough love to say get over yourself and make it happen.

That moment happened for me in March of 2023, when I finally decided to just “do the next right thing” (yes, another Disney movie reference – Frozen 2). I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I was tired of spending thousands of dollars on classes, programs, workouts, memberships, and supplements searching for the magic solution when in fact, what I really needed to do was just invest in myself. I needed to stick with something longer than a day and really invest, allowing the process to yield results!

Day after day, I started showing up. It was slow at first and I often missed days at a time, squishing multiple workouts into a single day to check the box of getting it done. Eventually, after starting over a couple of times, I got into a groove and finally finished my first 21-day program! I had built belief in myself again. I had learned how to not quit on myself.

In retrospect, the workouts were the easy part. The next step was to figure out nutrition, a vague concept to me at the time. I didn’t know what macros were, why protein was important, why it was necessary to balance enough fuel with the right kind of calories, and how to fit a healthy diet into my busy life! But I learned how to fuel my body for strength, quit starving my body of essential nutrients, and started craving “the good stuff.”

It wasn’t until I was about 6-months into the journey that I realized the workouts and nutrition were only a couple pieces of the puzzle. I was missing a key ingredient – mindset. Sure, I was reading the books recommended by my coach and I was listening to podcasts… but I wasn’t internalizing any of it. Not until I started actually listening to the trainers in my workouts as they tapped into the emotions that were stuffed deep down inside my soul, as they reminded me of my inner warrior strength, and as they affirmed that I was meant for this.

The mindset shift, the mental change, was mind blowing. Who knew that was the foundation to everything? Who knew that the stronger I would become mentally, the stronger I would get physically? So, I kind of did things backward by focusing on the foundational building blocks of my mindset last but it wasn’t too late. It’s never too late. And, sometimes, I think you need to focus on the tangible, quick wins like seeing the scale change or the muscles get more defined first before you truly believe that change can be good.

So, I’m going to challenge you. What you are not changing, you are choosing. Are you going to level up today? Are you going to make a small change that will ultimately yield big results? Are you going to invest in yourself, say yes to yourself, and decide today that you are worth it?

For a simple plan and guidance through this growth phase (lifestyle), please send me a message. I would love nothing more than to support you as you find your own strength again.

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