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It makes sense logically that staying consistent would equal results. I’m not a physics major but it makes logical sense that an object in motion stays in motion unless there’s a change in applied force. It makes logical sense that it is harder to start and stop repeatedly rather than keep going a little bit at a time.

Success comes from consistent effort over time in all areas of life, hobbies, education, business, health, community, etc… I’ve said it for years but seemed to forget this simple concept over the last year or two. More recently, I’ve been focusing on the small habits in my life that lead to big results. And guess what. It’s working. Strangely enough, the work works.

I made a choice a little while ago to say yes to myself and to make my needs a priority. I realized that I’ve been trying to pour from an empty cup for years and the fact was that I was exhausted! It was a stunning discovery because I thought that I had been handling it and managing it all pretty well but you can only compensate for so long before you get tired. If you burn the candle at both ends, eventually it burns out.

In this season of life, my priority became my own physical health, mental health, financial health, spiritual health, emotional health, and overall wellness. It became important to focus on the things that mattered rather than continuing to spread myself so thin. I was juggling all the things – all the stuff, tasks, lists, calendars, obligations, busy work, worries, stresses, and unproductive distractions. I forgot the simple fact that if you make everything a priority, nothing is a priority. But I made a choice to focus.

The choice to focus meant that through consistent action and movement, I became more inspired, more motivated, and more excited because I was seeing results. They were small at first. It was one less Dr. Pepper during my 12-hour ER shift. It was the ability to wake up with energy. It was a small boost of confidence when I made it through each intentional workout with just the right amount of challenge. The results compounded over time and I started to see weight loss, muscle tone, and augmented confidence.

Discipline and consistency, while unsexy and sometimes inconvenient, is the secret sauce to creating lasting change and inspired freedom. Sometimes the things around us seem too heavy to carry and too big to handle. But when we lean into the discipline of our habits, when we are consistent in what we know makes a difference in our lives, we are better equipped to handle what is in front of us.

Everything is better on the other side of a sweat so I’m going to workout today and tomorrow and the day after that. I’m going to intentionally move my body so that I can gracefully and confidently manage all that life throws at me. It’s more than a workout though. It’s more than fitness. It’s a vehicle for increased confidence. It’s a vehicle for results. It’s a vehicle that will launch your life to the next level.

I’m inviting you to join me in the journey of consistency starting with making yourself a priority, intentionally moving every day, and feeling better about yourself. You get to decide if you’ll put yourself off until someday or if you are going to take charge and make today day one.

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