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Creating Goals

When you make a choice, you change the future. – Deepak Chopra

Traditionally, the time for discussing goals or dreams for the future is around New Years Eve and the month of January. We make resolutions and commit to new habits but while exciting initially, the reality is that most people do not stick to those resolutions. According to a study completed by Forbes.com, over 55% of people do not keep their self proclaimed goals for the entire year.

When we make a decision to set a goal, resolve to do something new, or chase a dream, there needs to be a catalyst that spurs us into action. When you identify why you are inspired and truly grasp what motivates you, it will allow you to persevere when the initial excitement dissipates. 

Accomplishing tasks and moving forward in your life takes time. Usually it is not the flip of a switch or luck of the draw. It requires consistent effort over time. It is a constant decision to take the next small step and asking yourself if each step is getting you closer or further away from the desired end result. You are in control of your efforts and you get to write the story you are living.

Be inspired. Be motivated. Be excited! And then do something about it. Define the goal with an attainable end result. Decide how you will know when you have accomplished the goal. Ask yourself, “what does success look like?” Give yourself a timeline for completion. Without a deadline, there is no urgency to prioritize the tasks and the goal will likely never come to fruition.

My biggest caution that I will share from countless examples in my own life is to be realistic with your goals. I am not saying that you can’t have big dreams! Have you met me? I’m the queen of big dreams. But the smaller, bite sized goals that will help you reach those giant dreams must be realistic for the timeline you have set.

A quick example is from a personal finance client I recently worked with to eliminate debt. She had a mountain of debt and wanted to clear it up as quickly as possible which is a great dream but there are steps that must be taken to achieve this big task. We broke it down into weekly goals. Instead of focusing on over $76k in debt and getting overwhelmed, her job was to find an extra $250 each week. Some weeks she was able to sell a piece of old furniture or outdoor equipment. Other weeks, she picked up a couple extra hours of work. This woman also had some larger assets and even though it took longer than a week, she was able to sell a $20k trailer and immediately knocked off a big chunk of the debt which was not only exciting but also motivating and kept the momentum going.

Big dreams are accomplished by making a choice, defining attainable goals, and continually working toward a better future.

To start making tiny changes to achieve remarkable results, I’d recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. If you need specific encouragement, accountability, or guidance for your next steps, contact me. I’d love the opportunity to lift you up.

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